ABB’s Terra 360 can charge your EV in under 15 minutes

If you own an EV, you certainly know how inconvenient it can be to charge your vehicle. Filling the tank of a petrol car rarely takes more than five minutes, but to fully charge an EV, it can easily take up to an hour depending on the charger you are using.

With Tesla planning to open its Superchargers to EVs from other manufacturers soon, owners won’t have to wait as long to fully charge their car. Tesla’s latest version of the Supercharger is said to charge a car with 200 miles of range in about 15 minutes, which should improve waiting times significantly.

However, ABB’s new Terra 360 modular charger is on a whole new level. With a maximum output of 360kW, it can deliver about 310 miles of range in the same 15 minutes to four cars simultaneously. You’ll be able to find these stations at fueling stations, convenience stores, retail locations and fleet management areas.

The Terra 360 station’s lighting system will inform you on how to charge your EV, showing you the State of Charge (SoC) of the battery and the time it will take to complete “an optimal charge session.” The charging station will be wheelchair accessible and uses an ergonomic cable management system for ease of use.

“With governments around the world writing public policy that favors electric vehicles and charging networks to combat climate change, the demand for EV charging infrastructure, especially charging stations that are fast, convenient and easy to operate is higher than ever,” stated Frank Muehlon, president of ABB’s e-mobility division. “The Terra 360, with charging options that fit a variety of needs, is the key to fulfilling that demand and accelerating e-mobility adoption globally.”

Terra 360 charging stations can be customized with different branding, colored LED strips and integrated 27-inch advertising displays. The ABB Terra 360 chargers are expected to be available at the end of 2021 in Europe and 2022 in the US, Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions.