‘I asked a mum to leave a restaurant as her crying child was ruining my meal’

“While me and my boyfriend were at the restaurant, there was a family about two tables over from us. This family consisted of the parents in their late twenties to early thirties, and their three children, roughly aged between two and 10,” the 23-year-old explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“Just as we started enjoying our meal, the youngest child began SHRIEKING, for a reason that I can’t fathom. When I say shrieking I’m talking about the ear piercing type that is physically painful. This goes on for about 10 minutes, and by this point I’m getting annoyed, since I’ve paid to enjoy my meal, and the child isn’t shutting up.”

After growing increasingly frustrated, the woman decided to go over to the table and request that someone take the child outside until they calm down, since everyone else in the restaurant was unable to enjoy their meal.

“The mother got really p***y at me, saying that her son is only a child, and that I need to show some compassion. I responded by telling her that I’ve paid to enjoy my meal, and that if she isn’t going to get her child to be quiet, then she needs to do everyone in the restaurant a favour and take the child outside.”

After sitting back down, the woman noticed the mum calling over one of the members of staff to tell them the woman was being rude and making her feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, one of the other diners stepped in to explain what had happened, and the parents eventually left.

“I told my friend about what happened and she told me that I should have been kinder and more considerate to the family, since being a parent is difficult,” the woman continued. “I told her that they chose to have kids, and they need to parent them better.”

The woman then turned to Reddit to question whether she was justified in asking the parents to remove the child, and she was met with resounding support.

“While being a parent IS difficult, there are still courtesies that need to be followed. Those courtesies include removing a child from a public place if they are not behaving, crying or screaming,” one Reddit user agreed. “Funnily enough, this also teaches the child that their actions are not acceptable and that they will lose out on fun if they don’t behave properly.”

Another agreed: “10 MINUTES of that? Are you kidding me? I’ve actually raised kids, and you don’t let a shrieking child destroy everyone else’s peace of mind.

“Try to shut it down for a few minutes, and if you’re unsuccessful, one parent takes the kid outside, or dinner gets packed up to go. We spent a couple of years eating at home or getting takeout, because there’s a minimum standard of behaviour in public places, no matter how old you are.

“It takes a village, but have some respect for the villagers trying to enjoy a meal.”